In a few weeks, ugly sweaters will consume Idaho

Should we give them points for creativity, or shiver in the face of brilliance? The season of ugly Christmas sweaters will soon be with us. I mention it because I once owned one. It was a present from my father, and he didn’t seem to see the gag. He found this big oversized sweater, bought it, then gave it to me for Christmas. The thing is, I wore it and wore it a lot. It was heavy and very hot. At the time, I was living in a part of the country known for its harsh winters.

It was rare in two ways. First of all, I didn’t consider how ridiculous I looked. Second, these garments are often used once and never see the light of day again.

Consider the latter. You spend a considerable amount of money on the sweater. Then you wear it to the company Christmas party. Then you put it in a closet. It’s not like you’ll be wearing it again in February or March.

Now you can wear multiple clothes, but the way these things fly off, it seems like once is enough. To do again next year. Buy for one use only!

Last year I walked into Fred Meyer and saw shelves of loud seasonal sweaters. I warned a friend. She was looking to buy one for my company’s Christmas party. It was a few days before she arrived at the store. The sweaters were all gone! She checked several other stores and got the same result. Instead, she borrowed an elf costume and came to the party with bells!

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Wiley C. Thompson