I am now taking nominations for the Pinkbike World Cup DH Racing Team with Ben Cathro

Downhill runners are a special breed, and most don’t just pursue World Cup dreams to get rich. But when we did our State of the Sport survey earlier this year, we were shocked at how little support many juniors and lower-ranked riders have today.

With no strong national running programs, it’s the DH World Cup or bust for many runners. The financial commitment to travel and compete at this level puts the sport out of reach for many incredible runners.

We want to see a sport where talent can rise, rather than only the richest can compete. We are therefore creating a UCI Pinkbike World Cup DH sales team as an incubator for juniors and bubble riders who need support to break through. We tried to get there for 2021, but there just wasn’t enough industry support; Membership in Outside has made Pinkbike Racing possible for 2022 and beyond.

Coached by Line Guy â„¢ Ben Cathro himself, the team will provide the bike, cover all costs and pay the riders a salary allowing them to focus 100% on the race during the season. And with a multi-part video series, we’ll pull the curtain back on pro-level racing by following the team through the trials, tribulations, successes, failures and glory of the DH World Cup.

For the 2022 season, we will select two riders (a man, a woman). We are already in talks with several riders who we believe have great potential, but we would also like to open it for applications. Interested?


I have never raced before but I am very fast. Should I apply?
Probably not. We are looking for runners who have had impressive performances at regional and national events. But your results don’t have to be DH only – if you’re destroying the technical stages of EWS races and want to switch to DH, it’s worth thinking about.

Is there an age limit?
No, but in general we are looking for younger and more promising riders.

Which bike will I be riding?
We will be announcing the team’s sponsors soon. Bicycles and equipment will not hold you back.

I already have an offer from a brand, do you want to match it?
Maybe, let’s talk about it, but the idea here is to help runners who don’t have as much support.

Is Cathro going to misguide everyone in his course previews now to give his team the advantage?
May be.

How much do you offer?
The opportunity offers more than money, but our financial support will be significantly higher than the usual rates at your level.

Ben and the Pinkbike team will review applications, but please note that depending on the volume of applications, we may not be able to respond personally to everyone.

Wiley C. Thompson

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