‘Halo’ Episode 5 Recap: ‘Reckoning’

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Halo Episode 5, “Reckoning”

If you missed watching Master Chief or a squad of Spartans kicking covenants and taking names, then the latest episode of Halo will give you exactly what you are looking for and more.

Spoilers to follow.

“Reckoning” is probably the shortest episode of Halo so far, though this one has a lot of implications for the plot going forward. After locating the second artifact, Dr. Halsey calls the UNSC Calvary and they get to work digging it up. John confronts Kai about removing her emotional inhibitor pellet and motivates her because she hasn’t been battle tested without it. Kai notices that John also removed his pellet.

On Madrigal, Sorren cuffs Kwan Ha to the bike and leaves to find transportation. Kwan manages to free himself and waits for Sorren to return. Knocking him out, the heroine steals the former Spartan’s weapon but spares his life.

Back on Eridanus II, John tells Keyes about his memories and the captain promises to confront his wife and learn the truth. We then learn that Keyes is on the cover-up, but Halsey assures him and their commander that Cortana will be able to contain Master Chief if necessary.

The artifact suddenly activates and sends a signal to the Covenant, which leads them directly to Eridanus. John touches the artifact again, learning that Halsey took it away from his parents when he was a child. He gets aggressive and tries to lunge at Halsey, but Cortana knocks him out.

The Covenant attack the UNSC in force, and Master Chief mobilizes the Argent Team to secure the artifact. A huge fight ensues, where the legendary John-117 can once again show off his deadly combat abilities. In the final moments of the episode, Master Chief abandons the artifact to save Kai, giving the Covenant a window to steal it.

The aliens are deploying a Jiralhanae, otherwise known as the Brute, this is the first time we’ve seen them live. Master Chief also says his iconic “I need a gun!” line, making the most Halo fans scream with excitement. But Episode 5 ultimately ends on a dark note, insinuating that the Spartans do indeed need their suppressive pellets to function as they are meant to.

Halo will continue next week on April 28.

Wiley C. Thompson