Garrett Schlegel helps pro motocross privateers

Are there any fees to join? I noticed on your Instagram page that sometimes you pull a name and pay a runner’s entry fee or give them money for gas. where does this money come from?
There are no membership fees. We don’t really have official sponsors. I don’t make a cent on it. It’s not about that. I’ll have a $1000 bill for a t-shirt in a few days and I’m giving them away. It’s a labor of love for me. There have been people who want to help financially instead of offering accommodation or whatever. They can throw down a few hundred dollars and it’s amazing. A few years ago a friend of mine who was the general manager of a building materials company, Westside Building Materials in Oakland, California, and the following year, San Luis Obispo Painting, agreed to cover the cost of registration at each round. From there, other people came on board. Guts Racing’s Andy Gregg and Works Connection’s Eric Phipps got involved by helping out with a $100 gas card. Most of the money comes from regular guys like you and me. All of that money goes to runners who sign up on the website. We refund the entry fee each week and try to have two or three more $100 draws. If a company contributes, I try to gain traction by letting them do the drawing on their social network if they wish. I can’t believe how many people who have never met me are willing to send me money and support guys they have never met.

How were the runners and supporters received?
As you can imagine, the runners are blown away. A privateer, Brent Rouse, said to me when I approached him at the PIR (the big local race in Portland before Washougal), “Everyone knows who you are. You’re the one giving us the money. The news eventually spread, but not as quickly as I would have thought. You would think I would be inundated with people signing up. The registered runners are delighted. Even if it’s only $100, they’re happy. The fans are just happy to be involved. It’s a funny thing. We’ve been helping guys like Kevin Moranz from the start.

What are the plans for this upcoming 2022 season?
Right now we are trying to build momentum again. I have contacted people who have helped me in the past and they are starting to join me. It’s not as big as the last time we did this before Covid, but I have a feeling it’s going to get there. We would like to get support from gear companies like Fly, FXR and others to donate signed jerseys that we could auction off and then use that money to give back to privateers. This year O’Neal Racing gave us two Dean Wilson sublimated jerseys as well as a Hunter Sayles jersey and a Justin Hill jersey which we will be auctioning off on eBay in a few weeks. From the money we receive from these auctions, we then return that money to the privateers in our weekly $100 draws. This kind of thing would be very useful without having to give us money from their budget.

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Main image: Kevin Moranz by Align Media

Wiley C. Thompson