Fresh Goods Friday 577 – Warm up before listening to the edition


You may find that the music in this week’s edition causes neck injuries. Please do some gentle warm-up exercises before you go all out.

It’s started. We are in it. The last month of 2021. We did it. It’s time for countdowns, roundups and best-ofs and “your Spotify mood is anguished” all of that. Maybe your kids have used your phone a little too often, so you are too embarrassed to share your music highlights? Don’t be shy, you are among friends here… we will not tell anyone that your best artist this year was Journey.

If you are trying to avoid all of these things, or if you only come here for the fresh produce, we invite you to expand your horizons in the Megasack Countdown because we have amazing prizes on offer every day.

And now, if you’ve been in the stores and encountered a few too many Christmas carols from earworms, here’s an antidote to see you on your way to this week’s Fresh Friday…


Pace RC529 Frame

  • Price: £ 568.33 (Correction: £ 682.00 with VAT)
  • Of: Rhythm cycles

It’s the semi-rigid season! This Pace RC529 frame was ordered in July and just landed in time for a winter build. Can be run like a 29er or a mule thanks to the “sexy dropouts” that got Rhys sulking. First glimpse of the upcoming construction.

Magura Storm HC 203mm rotors

Magura’s Storm HC are 2mm thick and are made from high quality carbon steel. Designed to provide powerful braking under heavy loads, Magura recommends them for their more powerful 4-piston brakes and also for e-bikes. Available in sizes from 160m to 203mm, our 203mm set weighs 171g each and there are 6 torque bolts included in the box.

Single-track recycled belts


Charlie says… we managed to get one of our Christmas bestsellers delivered… the recycled Singletrack inner tube belt. The last delivery was attacked by My Hermes. One of the best things about it is the small amount of stretch the inner tube allows. This means your pants are held securely in place no matter how hard you squirm, ride, wrestle, and eat.

Single Track Dog Supplies

A dog is for life, not just great Christmas gifts. New in the Singletrack Merch Store we have a great selection of cool dog accessories. We have leashes, bowls and collars as well as a great bundle where you get all dog products plus a key chain at an additional special price.

The collar has a super sturdy metal buckle (more like a small seat belt buckle, in a chrome courier bag style) and a bottle opener. The leash also has a bottle opener, which will make you and your dog welcome at parties.

#TOTW Singletrack Forum Thread of the week

From: The Singletrack Forum

pie forum

This week’s Singletrack of the Week forum thread is on the super seasonal topic of Meat Pies. Love them, hate them or laugh at them with custard… we all have an opinion. However, please consider this: if tarts are such a great dish, why don’t we have them until Christmas? (the answer is they’re not that great and it’s a case of lore and nostalgia over substance – Charlie).

The “Jambourgie” forum user will receive a small package of Singletrack products for their Christmas services on the Singletrack forum.

Handle Funn Hilt ES

The Hilt ES is the latest grip from the FUNN component brand. designed as a push version of their popular Hilt grip, the Hilt ES comes in 9 different colors and weighs just 100g, the Hilt ES is made from a proprietary compound designed to be comfortable yet tough and with a diameter of 30 mm.

Boone Technologies Twist! Cranks V2.0

  • Price: US $ 345 for cranks, $ 185 for chainring, $ 21 for cranks
  • Of: Boone Ti

Andy Carter, our local Cargodale cargo cyclist and versatile bike enthusiast appeared with these cranks from Boone Titanium in the USA. While looking like a pair of 1993 Grafton Speed ​​Stix, these are state-of-the-art CNC alloy cranks from the titanium single-speed sprocket pioneer. They are also available in a mirror polished finish, if you don’t ride your bike in a gritty location. Oh, and that cute direct mount platter? It’s titanium. And yes, that’s what it costs.
Thanks to Andy for letting us watch. He still needs to get a bottom bracket. And then they can go on his titanium hardtail. See? Someone is buying all this …

Dissent 133 Ultimate Glove Pack

It’s not just a pair of gloves, it’s a whole glove system. He’s the Turducken of the glove world. With four different gloves in the system, you layer them depending on your needs and the weather. There is a 100% silk base layer to act as a thermal and absorbent layer. In cold weather, you can pair it with the knitted Cordura thermal layer. It’s seamless for comfort and has silicone palm and finger grips, so you can wear it on its own if you want. The Showerlite diaper is a flexible windproof diaper with some water resistance, and it is lighter than the HDry Lite waterproof diaper, rated at 10,000mm, which will be your outdoor choice for the wettest days . Everything comes in this laptop-style case, and while they’re made for gravel and road, we’re going to be taking them to the trails because it’s raining there too.

Interlude musical / bran connection… Glove system… System of a Down… extraordinary beards for those who have just finished Movember and are looking for future inspiration…

Couple DFND 180 and DFND Ultra

These supplements are not designed to get you into the Matrix, but rather aim to boost your immunity by first increasing your levels to a healthy level (with the DFND Ultra Red Pills) and then maintaining that level with the Blue Pills. The red pills contain an ultra high dose (4000iu, 2000% RDV) of vitamin D3, which, taken for 90 days, will apparently increase vitamin D to desirable healthy levels in the body. They also include 15mg (156% RDV) of Zinc. Red pills are designed to be a series of pills taken once. Then you follow it up with one blue pill a day to maintain the levels you’ve built up. Each blue tablet contains 1000ui of vitamin D3 (500% RDV) and 15mg of zinc.

Torq aTAC Lime and aTAC Orange

These Torq aTAC drink mixes contain a combination of vitamin C, glutamine and echinacea. When mixed with water and taken frequently, this 5 day course is claimed to work to stop a cold or flu in its tracks.

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite

These very normal looking sneakers are actually women’s riding shoes from Ride Concepts – there is also a men’s version, in two colors. Using the softest DST 4.0 max grip rubber compound, they promise good grip on the pedals. There’s a D30 liner in the sole for those heel snaps, and the tongue is gusseted to keep crumbs out. The synthetic upper is weather resistant and reinforced areas on the toe and heel protect your shoes. Elastic lace storage keeps you flap-free, and anti-bacterial mesh linings promise to keep the stench under control.

And finally, how about a whole body exercise to accompany the moshing. Dance an album to start your weekend with a few drinks. You’ll need it once you realize it came out 30 years ago …

Ah and how much? !!

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