Free Bikes for Kids: How One Man’s Hobby Helps His Community

BROOKVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Most of us have a hobby or two, but the way David Nugent spends his extra minutes is something really special.

“It’s been really busy here lately,” Nugent said. “It’s okay. I stay out of trouble this way.

He talks about the countless hours he spends in his Brookville garage fixing bikes.

“I give them to kids who don’t have them,” Nugent said.

We are not talking about three or four bikes. Over the past five years, Nugent has repaired and given about a thousand times more. He’s not really sure of the total.

“I stopped counting,” Nugent said. “The closest I can say is just over 3,000. Maybe more. But as long as someone can use them, it’s good to have them.

Sometimes people drop them off at his place. Sometimes he finds them for sale online. Sometimes he buys them in bulk. But for Nugent, every bike is a chance to make someone happy.

And he gets a bit of everything.

“Little 12-inch bikes,” Nugent said. “Sometimes I get scooters. Trikes. Anything that helps.

He says the idea came to the church. A pastor heard he liked fixing bikes, so he suggested that Nugent bring some to the food giveaways the church held.

Eventually the food giveaways stopped, but the bikes did not.

“I started advertising it once a month,” Nugent said. “Put them on my porch and tell them to come get them.”

And the need hasn’t waned for Nugent or those who receive his bikes.

“It’s quite fun sometimes,” Nugent said. “Because a lot of kids who don’t have it, they really appreciate it. And it gives me something to do.

He says he accepts all types of donations, including really bad ones. He says these can be used for parts.

If you want to donate or need a bike, just send us a message through our “Tell Me Good News” form, and we’ll pass it on to Nugent.

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Wiley C. Thompson