Fixcraft aims to strengthen its presence in the aftermarket through the expansion of its network and its spare parts business

Delhi-NCR-based auto repair and service platform, Fixcraft, aims to expand its reach in the Indian auto aftermarket over the next year with network expansion and strengthening of its spare parts business. The company will soon expand to Pune and Hyderabad, as part of its wider expansion plan under which Fixcraft aims to have a presence in at least 10 metropolitan cities over the next 12 months. Speaking to car&bike, Vivek Sharma, Founder and CEO of Fixcraft, said: “We currently have a presence in Delhi/NCR and Bengaluru, and in three months you will see us launching in Pune and Hyderabad as well.” At present, the company has three working garages, two in the National Capital Region (NCR) – one in Gurugram and one in Noida – one in Bengaluru.

Fixcraft has three garages in operation currently in Gurugram, Noida and Bengaluru

Speaking about the network expansion plan, Vivek Sharma told car&bike, “Right now we have three garages in operation, two are in NCR – one is in Gurugram, and one is in Noida – one is in Bengaluru. Now COVID has disrupted, time and again our expansion plan but for now things are settled and hopefully we won’t see any more disruptions We will be in the top 10 cities, our approach is one (garage) per city and then we will go deep into those cities, so you can say that in the next 10 to 12 months we will be in 10 cities across the country.

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Fixcraft was founded in 2018 to become a technology-based, one-stop service for all car repair and maintenance needs. Fixcraft aims to offer an end-to-end service, delivered through a mobile app, and cars are repaired in company-owned workshops with trained technicians. Sharma says that while the mechanics were always available, they weren’t well trained or well staffed, and the customer focus wasn’t there. And that’s something Fixcraft claims to bring to the table.

Fixcraft was founded in 2018 to become a one-stop technology service for all car repair and maintenance needs.

Speaking about the company’s philosophy, Vivek Sharma said, “The difference, or one of the key aspects that I would like to highlight, is that we don’t operate in an aggregation or marketplace model, where you partner just to the existing garages and kind of bring them on board and start taking business away from them. We have a complete solution, which is end-to-end, so we have our own garages, our own staff and our own equipment which is used in these garages, and that’s how we’re able to control quality and provide a better consumer experience.”

Fixcraft also has a separate vertical that provides replacement parts for auto repair and maintenance related work. In fact, not just for them, but also for other retailers and other garages in the market. This is Fixcraft’s second line of business. Speaking about this distinct business vertical, Sharma said, “Spare parts are critical aspects of running this business well, so we realized that a long time ago, and we started working on building the vertical. spare parts separately as an enabler of that core business.. Now we also supply that aftermarket vertical market to small garages and small retailers.We buy them directly, of course, but that vertical market is also a second area of ​​activity for us, which meets our own requests for spare parts.

Fixcraft also has a separate vertical that provides replacement parts for auto repair and maintenance related work.

Fixcraft also recently acquired VMotive, Vogo’s auto parts brand. The V-Motive team will join Fixcraft as part of the agreement, which will contribute to the company’s expansion goals and presence in the domestic automotive aftermarket. The company said that by acquiring V-Motive, it would be able to offer genuine, high-quality replacement parts to dealers and workshops and ensure easy availability in accordance with designed specifications.

Wiley C. Thompson