DVO Suspension Topaz Gen3 air shock debuts; Custom melodies now available to everyone

Posted on October 17, 2022 by Tyler Benedict

If you’ve ever wanted a custom suspension tune for your fork or shock just like the pros, DVO will now do it for you on one of their forks or shocks for just $150 at time of purchase.

Alongside the DVO Custom Shop program is the latest version of the DVO Topaz rear shock, which brings a new layout and updated features for mid- and long-travel trail and enduro bikes.

DVO Custom Shop Suspension Tuning

It used to be that if you wanted custom suspension tuning from DVO, you either had to be a sponsored elite athlete or find an alternative.

Now you can add a complete custom tune to your cart for just $150 at checkout (and when purchasing a new suspension fork or shock).

You’ll answer six questions to inform them about your bike, riding style, local terrain and preferences. Then your new fork or shock is completely opened up and adjusted by one of their master technicians. Service includes high performance racing oil, custom shim stack with high performance shims and manual bleed. The end result is a “suspension designed by masters, tuned to the unique needs of the rider.”

3rd Generation Topaz Air Shock

new DVO Topaz Gen 3 rear air shock for mountain bikes shown on a bike

We first spotted this new design at the Sedona Mountain Bike fest earlier this year, with a really good look at the internals, new mainshaft, seals, and more. (plus a new inline shock for shorter travel bikes likely coming soon too)

close up details of the new DVO Topaz Gen 3 rear air shock absorber

The new design uses a transversely mounted piggyback reservoir, which takes up less space and opens up more options for using that larger, more capable shock on more frames.

Inside is a 27% stronger mainshaft, which improves its performance when the shock (inevitably) experiences non-linear stresses. Other specifications include:

  • T3 (three position, Open-Mid-Firm) Compression adjustment
  • External low speed rebound adjustment knob
  • External bladder adjustment
  • Air Volume Spacers
  • 450g claimed weight (size 210×55)
  • Trunnion sizes: 185×50, 185×52.5, 185×55, 205×60, 205×62.5, 205×65
  • Metric sizes: 210×50, 210×52.5, 210×60, 230×62.5, 230×65
  • $550 MSRP

hard carrying case for the new DVO Topaz Gen 3 rear air shock

The externally adjustable bladder pressure is perhaps the most unique feature, despite the 90º angle of the tank’s unique appearance.

Rather than using an IFP with internal seals, DVO’s Topaz shocks use an air-filled bladder to build pressure in the damping system and push fluid back through the rebound circuitry as the shock swells. extends. The advantage is that it can react much faster and with less friction, providing a more lively feel.

DVO goes a step further and makes this bladder adjustable, allowing you to adjust the pressure to your body weight and preference, something no other mass market shock (or any?) lets you do. Simply remove the tank cap to access the Schrader valve.

Each Topaz comes in a reusable hard case with a shock pump, snap-on air volume spacers for the positive and negative air chambers, instructions, and a sticker.


Wiley C. Thompson