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Cycling enthusiasts encounter a myriad of problems on Indian roads daily, from rough terrain, steep cliffs and bumpy roads to hairpin bends and crazy traffic. But their tireless spirit and passion for conquering the trails keep them going despite all the risks life throws at them. One brand that has always rooted for those relentless bikers who are determined to outdo it all despite all the uncertainties is Shell Advance. The brand not only caters to motorcycle enthusiasts by developing products that solve their relevant issues along the way, but also continues to collaborate with avid riders and riders to encourage, reward and recognize their spirit.

Once again, with the intention of enabling cyclists to relentlessly pursue their passion for cycling, overcoming the challenges of rising fuel prices and uncertain trails, Shell has launched the Shell Advance Outriders Trail in partnership with Times of India. The initiative invited participants to share their views on what makes them a rider and win an exhilarating fully sponsored cycling opportunity with the country’s famous cycling influencers,

Bikers for Good, Gowtaman and Story on Wheels. The three influencers were roped in to lead the way and choose contest winners as co-pilots based on their compelling stories. The winners were announced at a virtual event which also saw the launch of giant Shell Advance Fuel Save’s latest product.

During their ride, riders experienced firsthand Shell Advance Fuel Save, which is expertly engineered to deliver an extra 5km/litre of fuel mileage. Riders noticed they could save more on the ride, which was a big boost amid rising fuel costs. They also vouched for the product to improve the performance and reliability of their bikes, which helped make the three trails a huge success.

Driving the passion of Indian cyclists - Shell Advance Outriders Trail

Let’s take a look at the bike experiences of all three teams.

Popular biker and influencer Mohit Ahuja (Bikers for Good) said Neeraj, the winner of the Shell Advance Outriders competition. They rode together from Delhi to Spiti via Komic, the highest village in the world.

Asked about his association with Shell, Mohit said: “I have been associated with Shell for almost 6 years. The initial initiatives I took with Shell included the Shell Ducati Rider’s Day, and the most special being MotoGP Live, which gave me and another person from India a chance to meet MotoGP riders like Danilo Petruzzi, Andrea Dovizioso & Valentino Rossi.

Also, I was lucky enough to be part of the Shell Outriders Trail. My riding buddy traveled from Canada for this exciting experiential learning. Shell has undertaken some brilliant initiatives that are making a big difference for cycling enthusiasts by giving them the right support. The motorsport community thrives on trailblazers like Shell who help them surpass it all.

Driving the passion of Indian cyclists - Shell Advance Outriders Trail

Mohit’s co-pilot, Neeraj, also seemed thrilled with the trail experience. Describing their trip, he said: “Hiking the Shell Advanced Outriders trails provided me with incredible exposure. The scenic landscapes, gentle gestures and warm welcome of the locals we met on our trip from Delhi to Spiti are among the many things Mohit and I experienced along the way. For the Journey, we used Shell Advance Fuel Save, which provided a smoother ride compared to other brands I had used before. For this great opportunity, I am grateful to Shell and especially to Mohit.

Gowtaman (Number Plate), a popular travel content creator and biker, together with his co-rider and winner of the Shell Advance Outriders competition city – Subhash, embarked on their first ever cross-country bike experience from Chennai to Nepal via Bhubaneswar, Calcutta and Siliguri.

Their journey was long but not tiring. While talking about his riding experience, Gowtaman said, “Shell Advance Fuel Save displayed great initial pickup and high-speed performance throughout the ride from Chennai to Nepal. Whether it was rough terrain, rain or the Darjeeling fog attack, this motor oil was something we could always rely on.

Driving the passion of Indian cyclists - Shell Advance Outriders Trail

Next engine Paresh aka Story on Wheels then chose Dinesh Ramesh Patil as the city winner and co-driver for the Shell sponsored road trip. The two traveled through western India by bicycle. Their route from Thane to Malvan took him through some of Maharashtra’s best hidden gems including Amboli, Shiroda and Walawal.

Dinesh was grateful to Shell for organizing such initiatives and giving opportunities to riders like him. He said: “Contests like these will motivate small town runners. I never expected to be selected to ride with Story on Wheels. I really enjoyed this ride and learned a lot. Dinesh was also impressed with the performance of Shell Advance Fuel Save. He explained that the product allowed them to not have problems with heating and that it also improved the mileage of the bike.

These riders have certainly had an unforgettable time with smooth rides on roads less traveled and in places where the ordinary only yearns to travel. And it’s all been made possible by Shell’s constant efforts to support and improve people’s cycling experiences over the years.

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