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GHAZIABAD: The familiar evil of reverse driving is becoming the bane of the NHAI 14-lane highway.
Strayed transgressions and one or two places particularly prone to it, driving on the wrong side has become a habit in the section of the Delhi-Meerut (DME) and NH-9 highway around the Ghazipur-UP Gate border. Cars, automobiles, two-wheelers, even cyclists, form a continuous flow that moves against the current to enter Delhi by lanes intended for traffic leaving the capital.
This made the NH-9 overflight in Ghazipur particularly dangerous to drive and prone to accidents. The central controlled access lanes of the highway – which is the DME – are no exception either. Bicycles and cars enter the DME via the first Indirapuram exit for traffic exiting Delhi and roll on the wrong side towards Akshardham and Mayur Vihar (these vehicles now also have access to Anand Vihar via the entrance lane in the DME which was created for traffic to Delhi due to hijackings due to the blockade of the UP gate by farmers).
Driving on the wrong side has also been an issue in other parts of the DME. Last month, after an accident on the highway near Dasna in which five family members were killed as a truck on the wrong side collided with their car, NHAI had posted guards in some places to prevent vehicles from making illegal turns. But that didn’t really help.
“The NHAI had decided that guards would be stationed in places where driving against the tide is common,” NHAI project director Mudit Garg told TOI.
“But a few days after the deployment of the guards, the Delhi police asked them to leave near Ghazipur. They were told it wasn’t their job, ”Garg added.
Delhi Police, however, did not respond to this.
Garg also said many people took the wrong side of avoiding detours because “because one side of the DME has been closed for months now in protest by farmers.” Asked about cross-current driving in other stretches unaffected by the blockade, such as near Sector Noida 62, Chhijarsi and Dasna, Garg said: “The NHAI has done everything possible to stop the jaywalking and the driving against the current on the freeway. He put up barriers and attempted to deploy guards. Ultimately, it is the traffic department who should ensure that no violations of any kind whatsoever including driving against the tide does not take place and the NHAI can only provide assistance.
Between Sarai Kale Khan and UP Gate, four locations (Akshardham, Mayur Vihar, Ghazipur Chicken Market, and MCD Toll Booth) have been identified by the NHAI as subject to reverse driving.
On the UP Gate-Dasna section of the DME, four points (CISF intersection, Model Town, Bamheta and Dasna intersection) were identified and on the Dasna-Meerut section it was the Dasna, Bhojpur and Partapur junction.
Ghaziabad SP (traffic) Ramanand Kushwaha said that driving on the wrong side has two aspects – intentional and unintentional – and that proper signage can stop the latter. “There are a lot of people who are confused because of the lack of signage or the design of the highway. During peak hours, we ensure that there is a strong police presence at vulnerable points of DME. But we must penalize those who break traffic rules, ”he added. The DME and NH-9 form the 14-lane corridor between the capital and Meerut that the NHAI developed, modernizing the old four-lane NH-24.


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