Danny Hart’s Descend Bike Park ransacked and broken into


Danny Hart’s Descend Bike Park shared on Facebook yesterday that the bike park had been stripped of everything there was to take, including three generators, two chainsaws, countless other tools and bike parts.

The bike park, a small operation in Hamsterley Forest in the North East of England, has become one of the main downhill destinations in the UK. Unfortunately, the two cabins that stored all of the park’s bike tools, trail maintenance equipment, and even money the park had collected as a donation to the Great North Air Ambulance Service have been fully cleaned. The park is asking everyone in the area to keep an eye out for some of the most valuable items that have been stolen: a Ford generator, a Honda generator, a Stil battery chainsaw, a Stil gasoline chainsaw, a Hyundai auger and a washing machine. Clark pressure. .

I was heartbroken today, for 5 years we have been working tirelessly to make the bike park a success.
During the night someone broke into our 2 cabins and took everything.
When I say everything, I mean everything.
3 generators
Wacker plate
2 chainsaws
2 leaf blowers
Tool park
Bicycle parking station
Gasoline washer
100 percent glasses
Gloves Stux
2 crawler pumps
6 helmets
All sweets and drinks
All bicycle spare parts (brake pad tubes chains split links)
Cash from the Great North Air Ambulance.
This is only part of what was taken, there is too much to list.
We have been cleaned up.
Please keep an eye out for a Ford Generator, Honda Generator, Stil Battery Chainsaw, Stil Gasoline Chainsaw, Hyundai Powered Auger, and Clark Gasoline Washer.
Downhill Bike Park

Glasses and even first aid equipment were taken.

A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help get the park back on its feet. The park will be closed for most of this week but plans to reopen on Saturday.


Wiley C. Thompson