Courageous Vancouver cyclist crosses flooded seawall on his bike (VIDEO)

BC’s most recent atmospheric river has been well documented so far, and it continues to have a severe impact on parts of the province, but it hasn’t touched a brave cyclist in Vancouver.

Luckily they were wearing helmets, but forgot their snorkel gear at home, although that didn’t seem like a problem.

The effort the cyclist made was simply epic as he walked through the water that had flooded parts of the dike without flinching.

Twitter user @vangardea captured the footage.

The cyclist can be seen using all of his energy to push through the water that has washed up on the sea wall as the waves crash into them. The only thing that would have made it more epic was if it had been set to the tune of “November Rain” by Guns N ‘Roses.

You can watch the video below.

Twitter users who responded to the tweet had some great ideas.

Someone else tweeted: “Whoa”.

Park Board officials have announced the closure of Stanley Park and the Seawall for now, so if you were hoping to join this brave cyclist and cycle the Seawall, you’re out of luck.

Wiley C. Thompson