Coty Schock talks about new Phoenix Honda contract, 2021 Pro Motocross

You will be on 250 in supercross, right?
Yes, 250SX Est.

Back on the 450 for motocross?
I think that’s how it’s going to be, but I’m not sure. The contract says just outside. I told David whatever he wanted to put on me, that’s fine with me.

Talk about supercross and your expectations. I spoke to you some time ago and it looked like you started clicking with the supercross in 2021.
I really want to get closer to the top five. I held the podium at Daytona for most of the race, and I had times where I was up there and something was going to happen. I know I can be in the top five, and even on the podium, but I also have to be realistic. I think the top five every weekend is doable. Last year my goal was to be in the top 15 and I was in the top 10. We’re going to be realistic and take one race at a time.

Random question. Have you ever had enough of the silly headlines we write using your last name? We call you The Schocker, The Schockwave, or say your results are Schocking, that sort of thing.
Not at all. I think it’s awesome. I’ve always wanted to do something with my name and for me it suits me perfectly.

What’s your favorite ?
I think of the Schocker. It’s just funny. There are so many ways people can take it. I like to have something that is open to interpretation.

Wiley C. Thompson

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