Corrupt Bihar officials seek spare car parts, goat, shoes, bribe kiss

Corrupt officials in Bihar have gone beyond cash, they are now demanding bribes in kind. Besides getting their hands on wads of crusty banknotes, they’re looking for designer shoes, goats, spare car parts, and also kisses instead of doing villagers’ jobs!

Vigilance sleuths caught a policeman accepting car spares such as a compressor, condenser and cooling coil along with purchase receipts for his idle SUV vehicle at home. The arrested sub-inspector assigned to Madhaura police station in Saran district had demanded car spare parts as a bribe from a local villager, Vivek Kumar Singh, for arresting the fugitive criminals who had stole from his home.

He refused to act in the case until the bribe was paid. A miffed Singh immediately reported the matter to vigilante authorities who found the matter true during investigation and set a trap for his arrest. The corrupt cop was finally arrested yesterday while accepting spare parts from a vehicle as a bribe.

In March this year, a senior health official made headlines when he allegedly demanded ‘sexual favours’ from a health worker for suspending her transfer to a distant health centre. The auxiliary nurse midwife (ANM) stationed at the primary health center in Sumeli block located in Katihar district wished that his transfer be maintained immediately so that it does not disrupt his family life.

She was shocked when the health center in charge, Dr Vinay Kumar Singh, asked her to give him a ‘kiss’ instead of suspending his transfer. “Hamra ke khali chummi de diho (Just give me a kiss),” the health official was heard telling the nurse over the phone, which quickly went viral.

An even more interesting incident was recently reported at Kotwali Police Station in Patna, where officers demanded a goat from a businessman after he was caught drunk. Cops were checking vehicles entering the city at night when they came across a van carrying 27 goats. During the stop, one of the four businessmen identified as Mohammad Zafir was caught drunk, after which the cops seized the vehicle and took him to the local police station in Kotwali. They only released the man after he gave a goat to the cop who wanted to have it for a “sheep party”.

In another reported incident in the same Patna district, a policeman was suspended for demanding a pair of designer shoes for his son as a bribe from a local villager, Shatrughan Yadav, instead of settling his land dispute. “Sukhle-sukhle (expect free help),” the policeman asked when the villager approached him for help.

But the most gruesome incident was reported at Agamkuan police station in Patna, where cops sent an underage boy to jail accusing him of taking part in a bike theft after he allegedly refused to give a free complete jackfruit to the cops. When the matter came to the attention of the Chief Minister, he ordered an investigation and only after that the boy could be released from prison while 11 police officers were suspended. This incident took place in 2018.

Wiley C. Thompson