Clear out your garage with tips from Moxie Space Professional

Moxie Space’s Sara Fritsch joined Studio 512 to talk about using the cooler weather to your advantage: maybe it’s time to clean out your garage!

“Is your garage a cluttered dumping ground for random stuff? Are you still looking for that tool you’ve bought ten times before? Or maybe you supposed to decorate for Halloween last year, but never found the plastic pumpkins?

“If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you are definitely not alone. The Moxie Space team saw a LOT of messy, disorganized garages. After all, these areas tend to be overlooked and underutilized. But the garage can be an important part of your home’s ecosystem! »

Sarah’s advice:

Why bother organizing your garage?

“We all know clutter anywhere in your home weighs on your mind. If you use your garage as an entrance/exit to your home (as many people do), you’re faced with this clutter every time you leave and come back, day after day. Yeah.

“Plus, if you’re ever considering selling your home, a clean, organized garage is a major selling point. A survey of real estate agents reveals that homebuyers rank garages as more desirable storage spaces than basements. “floors or attics. And 82% of those real estate agents said a disorganized garage negatively impacts potential buyers’ first impressions of a home.”

3 tips for garage organization

“So don’t ignore your main storage space anymore!” Here are three of our top tips for creating the organized garage of your dreams.

Zone it

“Once you’ve sorted and edited your stuff, designating areas for all your major categories will help you a) find your stuff and b) keep things tidy. Some common areas we have created in garages are:

  • Household stock
  • Tools
  • Gardening and lawn care
  • seasonal decor

“Think about how often you need to access your categories and plan accordingly. For example, you can keep household items near the entrance to your home so they’re always easy to grab.

Wall space is your best friend

“Garages tend to be large open spaces, so use all those empty walls to create the storage you need. In other words: get everything off the ground! Here are our favorite ways to do it:

Shelving: There are tons of shelving options available, so there’s a solution for just about every budget. We like to use inexpensive, easy to assemble industrial shelving for a quick fix, but you can also opt for more custom built-in storage. You can even install hanging storage from the ceiling, so don’t forget about the space above you!

Wall rail systems: They are perfect for hanging bicycles, scooters, gardening and cleaning tools – really anything! – for easy access and visibility.

Perforated panels: We love the pegboards for keeping tools and utility items handy.

Durability + Uniformity = Happy Garage

“When organizing your garage, you want to choose storage solutions made from durable materials.

“Metal shelves are sturdier and will last longer than plastic shelves. Avoid storing objects in boxes – they deteriorate and attract pests! Instead, look for hard plastic bins with sturdy latching or locking lids.

“We also recommend using uniform bins and the same style of shelving wherever possible. You’ll reduce visual clutter and keep your garage cleaner and more streamlined.”

Our Favorite Garage Storage Products

“These are the products the professional organizers at Moxie Space turn to again and again when we organize garages for our customers:

The Moxie Space team can organize any space in your home, including your garage. If you’re in the Austin area and ready for that garage glow, contact us!

Sara is a professional organizer who wants you to “spend more time living your life, instead of struggling with your business.” Learn more about Moxie Space’s services here, and be sure to follow on Instagram.

Wiley C. Thompson