City Vanture, the world’s first e-bike with a buildable frame, will launch on Indiegogo on May 24, 2022, strikes a balance in city life

Many one-piece welded frames often require manual grinding and polishing, and these frames tend to be fragile. Unlike the one-piece frame, City Vanture combines the ancient Chinese mortise and tenon structure with modern industrial technology to reduce the symmetrical deviation of the frame, which ensures the strength of the frame and greatly improves its stability. City Vanture’s mortise and tenon structure controls and reduces centerline tolerances and helps joint forces move forward. The assembled frame is more stable, the riding experience is smoother, and the safety of electric bicycles is greatly improved.

City Vanture is an e-bike that meets EPAC requirements, complies with EU legislation and is EN 15194 certified. The EU version motor is 36V/250W. The three-in-one design of motor, sensor and controller is cleaner and finer. 1 to 5 PAS levels can effectively bring more autonomy. Max support speed up to 25km/h. At the fastest speed, it is equivalent to the distance of San Diego at Legoland, California. The US version is also available, go to for more information. The large central LCD screen and excellent interactive design make it easier for riders to concentrate on riding and reduce safety risks. City Vanture uses Tektro® hydraulic disc brakes and Gates® belts.

The 36V 7Ah LG3500 lithium battery offers 80 km of range in just two hours of charging. It is available to install a long-lasting battery like a kettle, extending the range to 130 km, enough to explore the city. City Vanture’s unique intelligent dual battery module on the extended battery can greatly improve energy efficiency and protect the battery.

City Vanture is light (15.5 kg) and can be easily lifted upstairs. The City Vanture frame is available in over ten custom colors. Carbon Black, Gloss Black, Ruby, Neon Yellow, Chalk Blue, Infinity Silver, Camouflage, Cream, Woodland, Neon Green, Neon Purple.

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