Citi Bike quietly raises the price of its annual membership


It will soon cost greener to ride on one of New York’s blue bikes.

As of Jan. 28, annual Citi Bike subscriptions will cost $ 185 plus tax, up from $ 179, according to a notice posted discreetly on the self-service bike website. That’s about a 3 percent jump.

E-bike rides for members will cost 15 cents per minute, down from 12 cents, although rides starting or ending outside of Manhattan will remain capped at $ 3 plus tax.

Non-members will pay $ 3.99 per ride, compared to $ 3.50 and up for e-bikes.

Citi Bike spokesman Jordan Levine attributed the price hike to “inflation caused by rising supply chain costs” which he said “has affected us significantly, as many other sectors of the economy “.

The cost of bike parts in particular has increased as Citi Bike aims to add thousands of new docks to the system and roll out a new model of electric bike.

A frequent Citi Bike rider, who declined to be named, said the increase wastes his time.

“I just want to get around town without having to pay more. Cycling is good, but it’s a little less good when it costs more, ”he said.

Eric Finkelstein, the first Citi Bike rider to visit more than 1,500 stations, said he was not afraid of the price hike.

Citi Bike spokesperson Jordan Levine attributed the price hike to inflation caused by supply chain issues.
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“Citi Bike has transformed life in New York for me, so I don’t mind. While this is a reminder that their basic problem has not changed – entire neighborhoods chronically have no bicycles or docks available. I wonder if the ongoing expansions of this price increase fund will help with that, ”he said.

Citi Bike is owned by Silicon Valley darling Lyft, which bought the ride-sharing parent company in 2018. At the time, it pledged to invest $ 100 million in the growth of the free bike. -service of the Big Apple; $ 87 million of that amount had been invested in September, according to securities records.


Wiley C. Thompson