Cheap Harley-Davidson V-Rod is anything but a stylish beast


Harley made the V-Rod family of bikes between 2001 and 2017, and they were all very popular back then. Even greater appreciation came after production of these things ceased, as custom shops around the world, especially those in Europe, began to change the look of these two-wheelers for years.

One of these stores is owned by Fredy Jaates, a guy from Estonia (a country not necessarily known as a motorcycle production hub), who spares no expense to turn V-Rods into alternative beasts. . We’ve talked about the V-Rod SS this guy made before, and now it’s time for another build of him.

This one doesn’t have a dedicated name, but if it had, it probably would have needed one inspired by people wearing stylish clothes. There is no extreme element that stands out, no insane graphics on the body parts, just a dignity at all that makes it clearly shine. And all of this was achieved using a limited number of custom, unpretentious, yet efficient parts to get the job done.

The V-Rod has special covers where the covers were due (on the hand lever, coolant pipe, front axle, lower and upper belts). The front wheel is a spare, 19 inch wheel, while the rear wheel is an 18 inch, also spare. Brembo calipers are used up front and a custom exhaust has been slapped on one side. The rearview mirror, handles, switch caps, footrests or turn signals are also new to the V-Rod.

Now we’re used to these European handle Harley’s costing a lot of money, no matter how many parts or how much labor it takes to make them. This one, however, is on the cheap side of things.

Fredy offers the bike for 12,800 euros, or nearly $ 15,000 at today’s exchange rate. Remember, this is what other stores charge for the parts they add on their own, not for the full build. Cheap, but not in that nasty way.


Wiley C. Thompson

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