Cell phone signal tower saves theft; 4 outfits

Ettaiyapuram Police have arrested 4 people in connection with the theft of mobile phone signal tower spare parts.

Police said an Alagirisamy of Kazhugaasalapuram on Ettaiyapuram – Vilaathikulam Road had allowed a mobile phone service provider to install his signal transmission tower on his land and was collecting rent as of 2008. The transmission tower, which worked for 14 years, has become obsolete. because the activities of the mobile phone service provider have been transferred to another company.

When the defunct mobile phone tower’s batteries, generator spare parts and cables were stolen, a certain Zakhir Hussein was delegated to oversee the mobile phone signal transmission towers in that area.

As a few strangers, who stood on top of the mobile phone signal transmission tower, were removing the spare parts installed in the tower on Monday, Mr Alagirisamy’s son, Jayaraman, came to the scene. When they gave contradictory answers to Mr. Jayaraman, he alerted Mr. Zakhir.

Before he could even arrive on the scene, the strangers loaded the spare parts into a cargo autorickshaw and fled.

Based on Mr. Zakhir’s information, Ettaiyapuram police have intensified checks on vehicles along the highway. When the police stopped a bicycle in Sinthalakkarai, he abandoned the bicycle and tried to escape. However, the police arrested him, who was identified as Zamin Ilanthaikulam’s Manikandan and was involved in the theft of cellphone signal tower spare parts.

Based on information provided by Manikandan, the police arrested his associates Sasikumar from Meenakshipuram, Chinnadurai and Sankareswaran from Paaraipatti. The police also seized the autorickshaw with spare parts.

While Sasikumar is working with the cell tower section of a cell phone service provider, Chinnadurai faces two cases of stolen cell tower spare parts at Avadi near Chennai. Further investigations are ongoing.

Wiley C. Thompson