CAKE electric motorcycles could soon have paper body panels

Cake, the Swedish company known for its electric dirt bikes, street bikes and mopeds, has just announced a new partnership with PaperShell which could see the motorcycle manufacturer asking customers during checkout, “Paper or plastic? “

The technology partnership between PaperShell and Cake could see the former’s material find its way into the latter’s motorcycle body panels.

PaperShell considers its natural fiber composite to be a structural material that is stronger than plastic while having a lower impact on the environment.

Compared to the carbon footprint of polypropylene at 4.95 kg CO2e per kg and the even higher carbon footprint of fiberglass at 25.05 kg CO2e per kg, PaperShell’s natural fiber composite boasts an impressive small 0 .65 kg of CO2e per kg.

According to Cake, the company will work with PaperShell to evaluate the properties of the new material and how it can be used to replace some plastics already used for Cake bikes.

As Cake CEO Stefan Ytterborn explained:

Cake was founded to inspire a zero-emissions society and that naturally means carefully researching the best possible materials to use in our e-bikes. We are delighted to work with PaperShell and hope that we can play a crucial role in finding a material that can minimize or even eradicate the use of conventional plastics in our motorcycles. This is a collaboration that will ultimately benefit the entire automotive industry and beyond.

PaperShell seems equally excited, as CEO Anders Breitholtz elaborated:

“We are pleased to partner with Cake and look forward to evolving PaperShell into a material that will make the use of plastic a thing of the past. We can’t think of a more perfectly challenging test bed for our material. as the industry-leading electric dirt bike and we look forward to further developing PaperShell’s inherent resistance to fluids, UV rays, weather and fire.

Cake just made a series of new announcements lately. As well as some exciting new accessories for the brand’s Makka line of electric mopeds, the company recently unveiled a new range of professional-oriented electric two-wheelers.

The line uses almost all of the brand’s models, from Kalk electric dirt bikes to Osa electric motorcycles and even the new Makka electric mopeds.

The company also recently announced some big funding news, as well as a partnership with Polestar that puts Cake’s electric mopeds in the back of electric cars.

The electric motorcycle industry is booming, but paper body panels may still be a first!

Cake’s Work range with robust supports installed on the brand’s electric motorcycles

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Wiley C. Thompson