Business Opportunity for Distributors | bike hub

Do you own a bike shop?
Do you want to improve or add to your product offerings and the value of your services to your customers and teams with knowledge of the electric bicycle and electric vehicle industry as a whole?
Do you want to acquire specialized skills in e-mobility conversions, i.e.: converting normal bikes into e-bikes with different e-bike technologies?
Maybe you’re a hard-working bike technician looking to run a profitable business independently?
Do you enjoy helping people achieve their health and wellness goals and does the idea of ​​having a company that does that sound appealing to you?

Since 2013, Chilled Squirrel has been helping people improve their physical and mental health by building an e-bike that’s right for them by either converting their existing bike or building a new one from scratch (or both) in South Africa.

The wide range of benefits that people experience when riding an e-bike is phenomenal.

People usually want:

1) Follow my partner or family on rides.
2) Pace their ride and get fitter one cycle at a time.
3) Go further, see more and don’t limit yourself to fitness level.
4) Have fun, go on an adventure, and exercise along the way without hitting a wall.
5) Get to work without breaking a sweat, then do some non-electrical exercise on the way home.
6) Switch off the e-bike and only use the electric assistance when short of breath.
7) Ride an e-bike to maintain a stable heart rate/blood pressure.
8) Ride an e-bike to help with breathing in case of lung abnormalities.
9) Ride an e-bike to reduce pedal pressure, especially after knee or hip surgery.
10) Ride an electric bike for mental well-being, a sense of freedom and adventure.
11) Ride an electric bike following a physical challenge.
12) Ride an e-bike for a specific purpose: fishing, camping, hiking, beach riding.

Investing in an e-bike is a positive, life-changing experience for people.
If you would like to bring the same value to your customers in your region, please contact us for further discussion. Single regional distributors will receive comprehensive training on e-bike conversion systems and learn the methods and skills needed to run a profitable e-bike conversion business.

We have honed conversion techniques and seek to share them through carefully crafted distribution relationships. Learn how to fit the right e-bike drive systems to each person’s bike.

Learn how to achieve seamless synergy and integration between the bike’s original mechanical drive system and the e-drive system. After 8 years of converting a wide range of frame types to electric, we have developed and tested e-bike conversion “prescriptions”. Our custom tooling and hardware help simplify the conversion process.

If you want to join a mobility movement and achieve a higher level of service value and sustainability while enjoying a profitable business, please contact us to discuss further:

Wiley C. Thompson