“Boring Putin” by reducing gas consumption: German minister – Expat Guide to Germany

Germany’s economy minister is urging his compatriots to take action to save energy as it “annoys Putin” as the country aims to reduce its dependence on Russian gas during the war in Ukraine.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck said in an interview with the Funke media group published on Friday that people can take “very simple” steps to reduce their consumption.

“As a general rule, I would say we can always save 10%” on energy, he said.

He suggested people could save money by closing curtains to prevent heat loss at night and lowering their temperature settings by one degree.

“I urge everyone to save energy now,” said Habeck, a Green Party politician who is also Germany’s climate minister.

“If at Easter we can cycle or take the train, that’s good too. It saves your wallet and annoys Putin,” Habeck said.

Germany has resisted calls within the European Union to ban Russian gas, with leading economic institutes warning it would send the country into a deep recession.

Germany reduced its share of Russian gas imports from 55% before the war to 40%.

Habeck said last week that it would likely take until mid-2024 for Europe’s top economy to wean off Russian deliveries.

German authorities have also triggered an emergency plan in anticipation of a gas shortage, which could lead to gas rationing among households and businesses.

Wiley C. Thompson