BMW R18: three specials made in Canada

Three proposals from many well-known Canadian customizers describing the great boxer BMW R18 in their own way

April 15, 2022

VSAs has already happened on other occasions, here are two Italian works offering MBE Verona, BMW includes well-known customizers Create individual parts based on R18.

Here are the ones we show you CanadaThe local subsidiary of the German brand presented three experts on its R18 Jay Donovan Victoria, (British Columbia), conquer motorcycles Kelowna, (also in British Columbia) e Increase motor skills Toronto, Ontario.

Roland TrackerThe BMW Motorrad project manager for the heritage models followed the R18 plan and traveled to Canada to look for work.

” These projects – he said – This shows how important it is to create models that foster creativity and provide a good foundation for their owners and practitioners. The vision, craftsmanship and craftsmanship of these three bikes are truly impressive.

The only indications given to the three customizers were that the bikes had already been customized Obey traffic rules On the road. This summer, all three specials will be touring nationally at major Canadian BMW dealerships.

R 18 Future Coffee

LJ Donovan at R18 Future Cafe shows great work being done on the metal parts. The discharge has a high passage and ends under the saddle. The redesigned tank, whose upper part is polished and made of raw aluminum, is cut in mudcards and painted in contrasting black to increase the length of the bike.

Great Tattoo R 18

No.Acosta, of Auckmond Motorworks, developed the classic American helicopter styling into the great German boxer, nicknamed El Boxeder. Together with the Sissy Bar, the hand-built headlight bracket, the mini application handlebar, the shaker exhaust and the specially designed saddle, the tattoo paintwork makes the R18 an instant classic with a slight motorcycle touch.

R 18 Custom Diamond

ROp Thissen and his Conquer motorcycle crew took the R18 and turned it into a tug. Metallic bronze paint, modified fenders, custom saddle and diamond-shaped trim give a minimalist and long look.

Wiley C. Thompson