Bikesave, Redruth, appeal after bike theft

A GROUP that donates bikes to people in need has appealed to replace their stolen bikes with thieves.

Posting on Facebook, David Stead of Redruth-based Bikesave said the theft of the bikes had been “upsetting and stressful” and left them wondering if they should continue.

“As you all know, thieves stole various bikes from us,” he said. “It’s been very upsetting, stressful and we haven’t decided what we’re going to do. I’ve had messages of support and everyone is telling us to keep going, don’t let the thieves win.

“Unexpectedly, we then received a call from a large family who needed help. They need ten adult bikes so they can all go out as a family. However, I had to send them a reply explaining the situation , we don’t have all the adult bikes right now because the thieves took them.

“So I thought I would appeal to people who have unwanted adult bikes so that we can help this family in need, so if we can find ten adult bikes that would be great. As for us, we don’t ‘ve also NOT made a decision to continue all the good work we are doing to help the people of Cornwall, or to close because we cannot replace bikes that have been stolen.

“We are self-funded and struggling, but bike theft has not helped the situation. We are NOT asking for money at all, but if we get a good response, we can get bikes delivered to us here in Redruth, We’ll review it and go from there.”

The charity has had a great response to its appeal with many people offering bicycle donations. A call was posted on CRAP Falmouth Penryn’s Facebook by Mipi McCloud with many locals offering bikes.


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Kirsty Rollason replied: “It’s awful, David does so much for so many people, he helped us with a bike when my daughter’s bike was stolen, he doesn’t deserve this. Will take one back, maybe be two of the children’s bikes they’ve outgrown and also spare bike parts, tires, etc. for him next week.”

You can find the Bikesave Facebook page here

Wiley C. Thompson