Bikers search for parts at a motorcycle swap meeting


Du Quoin, Ill. (KFVS) – The pandemic has made motorcycle parts more expensive and harder to find.

Bikers from all over have gathered at Du Quoin to make it easier to maintain their bikes out of their pockets.

“Your money doesn’t go that far,” said James Furey, promoter of the motorcycle exchange competition.

It’s an event where bikers can buy and sell coins, the same coins costing more than usual right now due to the pandemic.

“Those pipes over there, they’d probably have $ 25, $ 30. They’re everywhere, now you’re probably going to spend $ 50, $ 60 for the same part, “Furey said.

Furey said backorders during the pandemic make the cost and accessibility of parts difficult

“A lot of people have told me stories that their bikes were at Harley dealerships awaiting repair,” Furey said.

Bikers and traders like Clay Cooper are looking for events like this. Cooper traveled from Indiana to this motorcycle exchange.

“I just bought this batch of miscellaneous used parts today… it’s more the store, for the customers,” Cooper said.

Tony Korzenewski, a dating salesman, used to sell and distribute coins that he thought people would never use.

“When you start going through the garage, you start to find things that you didn’t realize you had,” Korzenewski said.

While the parts are harder to come by and taller than they’ve been, some have said they ditched their cars and hopped on their bikes this year more than ever.

“We have probably already covered 3,000 miles this year,” said Korzenewski.

Furey said he doesn’t know when it will be easier to get coins, but he thinks events like this help.

“And, you don’t have the supply chain problem,” Furey said.

Furey said part of the proceeds will go to Southern Illinois Honor Flight

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