Biker’s lair showcases magnificent motorcycling mastery

Enjoy the sights and sounds of pumping pistons, proud patches and leather-clad legends.

No biker haunt is ever complete without the occasional display of the beautiful, thunder-screaming machines. The Hangover Pub was filled with members of several motorcycle clubs for a show and shine competition on February 5. Glittering two-wheeled machines filled the backyard while a few four-wheeled classics greeted guests at the Geoffrey Street entrance.

The Hangover Pub show and shine, February 5. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

Sponsored by Evil Performance, Autozone, Boostfreaks, Spares INC, John’s Mega Paints and Trickbitz, the show and shine event featured multiple categories that recognized aesthetic appeal as well as brute force. Nemos for Jesus’ Boebie Jubber took home the award for best standard bike with his Honda CB250, while Naughty by Nature’s Gert Krog took home the highest horsepower above 1000cc with his Kawasaki ZX1400.

Luzet Otto, owner of the Hangover Pub. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

In other categories, Naughty by Nature’s Christiaan Beyers won Best Custom Bike with his ZX1400 Kawasaki, and for a bike under the 1000cc threshold, Neville Lombaard, owner of Evil Performance, won Highest Horsepower with his Bandits 1000cc. Macs’ Dawie Lotter was the clear winner, taking home best bike overall with his 1300 Hayabusa, as well as best chopper of the day.

No party without the shooters. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

Luzet Otto opened The Hangover in mid-2021, a successful bet judging by the festive camaraderie around the establishment. A long-time member of the biker community, Luzet has managed to create a neutral haven for the biker family, saying, “The people are good, the food is great, and the drinks are the cheapest in the West Rand.”

The Hangover Pub show and shine, February 5. Photo: Jarryd Westerdale.

Wiley C. Thompson