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The biker bar has gone high in Los Angeles with the arrival of the impressive 30,000 square foot Bike Shed Moto Co. club, a restaurant, bar, lounge, gallery, tattoo parlour, barber and a retail destination that opened Friday in the Arts District.

It’s a wonder it took so long, considering the role Hollywood has played in building the motorcycle mystique, from Marlon Brando in “The Wild One,” to Dennis Hopper in “Easy Rider” and Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor in “The Long Way Round”. » documentary series.

Boorman, Tom Hardy, Woody Harrelson, Pom Klementieff and Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason are among the investors in Bike Shed, which is actually a British import. The first club, a 12,000 square foot space, was opened in the Shoreditch area of ​​London in 2015 by Anthony “Dutch” van Someren and his wife Vikki as an extension of their motorcycle-focused blog.

LA’s Bike Shed is housed in a beautiful 1945 red brick warehouse covered in murals, with parking for 100 bikes in the outdoor courtyard, where classic cars and motorcycles are on display.

“LA is the natural center of motorcycle culture that goes back to the custom scene of people modifying their bikes and…there are more bikes registered in California than in any country in the world,” said Dutch van Someren on Thursday night’s opening night.

Bike Shed co-founders Dutch and Vikki van Someren address the crowd at opening night in Los Angeles.
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The duo searched for the location for two years, from the coast to Hollywood. “But we realized the Arts Quarter was a bit like Shoreditch with all the warehouses and the youthful energy…the vibe is amazing,” he said, noting the Bike Shed’s proximity to Soho Warehouse. , The Row Shopping Centre, Dover Street Market and Hauser & Wirth. art gallery, not to mention hot restaurants like Bestia and Damien.

Exclusive Preview Celebration

Woody Harrelson at the Bike Shed LA Opening
Shayan Asgharnia / Courtesy of Bike Shed Moto Co, Los Angeles

But unlike Soho House, Bike Shed is open to the public. “We’re for everyone and that’s what we love about the space we’ve created in London,” added Vikki van Someren. “It’s about enjoying common ground, creativity and things that bring us together. You can enjoy a motorcycle, or art, or a watch, or photography… we’re about motorcycle culture. We want to be the kind of place people go to.

At the crowded party, guests took selfies with a Singer Porsche, a custom bike by J Shia, and another bike built by Nash Motorcycles that had a 1950s feel with “Mad Max.”

The 325-seat restaurant, cafe, bar and lounge is open mornings until midnight and serves avocado toast and full English breakfasts, plus meats with salads and vegan options. “We want to mix London and Los Angeles. We call it British, laced with local flavors,” Vikki van Someren said of the vibe.


The Bike Shed Moto Co restaurant.
Courtesy of Bike Shed Moto Co, Los Angeles

There is also a members-only bar named Tommy’s, as well as a VIP lounge overlooking the 7,000 square foot event and art gallery space designed to accommodate art exhibitions, collaborations, parties and experiences.

“I can see fashion shows, car launches, after-party movies,” Vikki van Someren said. “In London we worked with everyone from Adidas to BMW to L’Oreal.”

In the service department is the Parts and Labor Barbershop and the Paintshop Tattoo Studio, which will host rotating artists, while still offering basic $200 Bike Shed logo tattoos.

The 4,000 square foot retail space features eight brands of bikes and gear: America’s Indian Motorcycles; British heritage brand Belstaff; British luxury watch brand Bremont Watch Co.; the Italian motorcycle brand Ducati; American e-bike manufacturer and adventure brand Super73; Royal Enfield motorcycle brand; British multi-brand retailer Urban Rider, plus denim and logo clothing from Bike Shed.

Sales area

The Belstaff sales area at Bike Shed Moto Co.
Courtesy of Bike Shed Moto Co, Los Angeles

“In addition to hospitality and events, we want to be an emporium, because it’s a very physical culture where people need boots and gloves, jackets, jeans, helmets, glasses and t-shirts and want to fly the flags of the brands they love,” Dutch said.

In the store, shoppers can pick up a BSMC cap for $39, a Super73 e-bike for $2,995, or a Bremont MBII watch for $5,135.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Giles English, co-founder of British company Bremont, explaining how the project was delayed by COVID-19. “We’ve known the Bike Shed guys forever in England and had a store on Madison Avenue for years, but never outside of New York. Our first brand ambassador was Charley Boorman, who toured the world with Ewan McGregor on a motorcycle, and he’s an investor in this place,” he said, explaining that even though the Bremont brand came out of the world of aviation is a celebration of all things. mechanics — planes, cars, motorcycles — and watches.

The Belstaff corner marks the brand’s first presence on the west coast – “a hugely important market for Belstaff”, said managing director Fran Millar. “Our heart lies in motorcycling, so I can’t think of a better partner to get started in LA.”

The van Somerens admit finishing the place was a labor of love. After a consecutive month of day and night to complete Bike Shed, they return to London later in April.

“We are given a British Empire Metal, because during COVID[-19] we set up a courier service of 1,400 people providing medical devices, PPE and oximeters, and worked with the NHS to carry out tests. We made something like 30,000 deliveries in 22 months,” said Vikki van Someren. “We get real medals!”

Exclusive Preview Celebration

Friends and Investors of Bike Shed at LA Opening Night
Mathieu Bitton/Courtesy of Bike Shed Moto Co, Los Angeles

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