Best Performance Parts for Harley-Davidson Bagger Models

It is common for Harley-Davidson owners to customize their motorcycles. Freedom, uniqueness and individualism drive customization and over the years many Harley-Davidsons have been cut and rebuilt with the demands, needs and desires of riders in mind. Whether customers want a motorized cruiser that can handle better and feel much sportier or older customers want a bike that handles better, bagger kits can provide it. Inspired by HD bagger racing motorcycles, Harley-Davidson has evolved with the market and caters to the subculture within the cruiser ranks, they have unveiled many parts and accessories for performance conscious bagger riders .

Previously, baggers were associated with long-term ride comfort, however, the next generation of riders are now taking these stock baggers and turning them into performance monsters. Although upgrading the air filter and exhaust on a bike is very common in the industry, regardless of the type of bike or the requirements of the rider, these part upgrades keep the bike running as efficiently as possible while also including power, but now performance baggers use these evolutions but in a sportier way!

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What can the Endgame collection do to your Harley-Davidson?

endgame harley

The Endgame collection offers great gear to achieve a unique and distinctive feel for your bike. Offering large cutouts, industrial styling and dark finishes, the Endgame collection is one beautifully customized bike! Weight is saved with the slotted design while grip is provided by the rubber inserts, which contribute to a purpose-built style that values ​​performance over looks. With the Endgame collection offering floors, footpegs, shift arms, brake levers and grips, it has changed both the look and feel of your trail bike.

The Endgame Collection grips feature raised black rubber inserts that provide the rider with excellent control and rugged industrial style, while the Endgame Collection rider footpegs complete the high-tech industrial look, the new feet provide a raised rubber grip. to help hold the rider’s foot firmly in place. Featuring a split design and black graphite finish, easy-to-install brake pedal pads complement the Endgame Collection controls, brake levers, shift pegs and shift levers also help give an industrial feel to the bike. The rider footboards offered by the Endgame collection feature four raised rubber pads for exceptional grip.

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How can a Harley-Davidson cruiser pull a Wheelie?

harley davidson bagger wheelie

When you see a cruiser pull a wheelie, it’s because the rear fenders have been cut off and shorter panniers are put on the bike. Suspension systems are usually installed while filler panels are usually removed. These modifications provide a streamlined appearance, with many bagger builders typically favoring a gloss black finish, which looks amazing. Custom Dynamics Turn Signal Eliminator Kit is one of many upgrades used to improve performance. The concept was to remove the turn signal arm bar on HD touring models. With the turn signal eliminator kit installed, the streamlined rear fenders take on a great custom look.

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What does the Streamliner collection offer?

harley streamline

Another great option for bagger builders is the Streamliner Collection where designs are inspired by the long, horizontal lines of the curve of modern Streamlines designs, with the collection taking a contemporary spin on classic Harley-Davidson styling. Featuring polished chrome strips and surrounded by a black finish. Overall, the black Streamliner collection adds a dark, aerodynamic feel to your bike.

Performance baggers can create head turns and push aggressive styling to the limit. HD parts and accessories deliver the unmatched attitude and performance you need to stand out in the crowd. These bracket kits add an aggressive look to your touring bike that are designed to allow the installation of mini running boards and pegs while also including left and right mounting brackets and all installation hardware, combined they give your bike an incredibly sporty look. The HDMC engine trim features a graphic HDMC logo with a machine-lined black finish highlighted by exterior trim. The contrast complements both the black and gloss engine to create a high performance driving style. 80GRIT footpegs give your bike an aggressive look with BMX-inspired footpegs, while ridges help keep your feet firmly planted on the pegs. 80GRIT also offers foot controls, where the aluminum material with sturdy edges is lightweight and grips the bottom of your foot, giving the rider much more confidence! The 80GRIT brake pedal pads are also BMX-inspired which feature stiff edges for excellent grip, while the 80GRIT rider footboards also provide grip for firm stability and traction. Featuring a double-spoke design with 14 spokes per side, the Fugitive wheel offers an updated profile that’s eye-catching to say the least.

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From the results, there are plenty of baggers that you can use to upgrade your Harley-Davidson to improve its styling, design, and overall appearance while giving them an aggressive feel. More importantly, many baggers can improve the performance of your Harley and even allow you to pull a wheelie on a cruiser!

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