Autoglass repair, Autoglass disgrace: why cyclists do not use cycle paths; Max Stedman goes to Everesting; Walmart Sponsors CX Worlds; Slippery cyclists; The wicker baskets beat the bar bags; Jeremy Vine talks about LTNs; Pog + transfer rumor more on the live blog


Why Cyclists Don’t Use the Bike Lanes is an old live blog favorite, unfortunately there is too much high profile content for it not to be. I guess to be really generous, you could argue for giving this lot a pass … I wouldn’t want to lug around the scaffolding more than necessary either. BUT, on the other hand, showing a little consideration would probably tell you not to put vulnerable road users at risk for your own benefit. Plus, placing your ladder in the bike path as a sort of makeshift barrier is also an odd decision.

The photo has inspired others to send in their own “why cyclists don’t use bike lanes” classics including this Autoglass double belt … you get the bike lane, I’ll block the sidewalk.

Someone from the windshield repair group quickly returned to John, asking him to give them the time and place. But back to our scaffolding stop … while some wondered if there was a bunch of broken chopsticks under the truck, Mary Caulfield and Jo Kitching loved the nice touch of throwing a ladder on the ground …

Sounds like one for Danny MacAskill …


Wiley C. Thompson

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