Aberfeldy bike man gives Ukrainian newcomers two wheels to explore

A kind man in Aberfeldy who repairs bikes as a hobby is helping give Ukrainians newly arrived in the city two-wheeled independence.

Peter Donaldson (61) is retired from a career in renewable energy for SSE.

When he found out about the group of host families hosting Ukrainian refugees in the city, he appealed to provide them with bicycles.

In just over two weeks, he had more than 30 donated bikes left to repair and give to newcomers.

He said: “I have received over 30 donated bikes over the past two weeks, ranging from nearly new to usable as spares. I probably have enough adult and teen bikes now, but I’m always on the hunt for a few smaller kids bikes. The response from across Highland Perthshire has been incredible.

“I don’t think we can imagine what these families have gone through and are still going through.

“I have great admiration for all the people who try to help and open their homes to families.

“The bike project was just something my wife, Jenny, and I thought we could do to help families settle here. It will give the adults some independence and more importantly the kids some fun.

Peter said if anyone could supply children’s bikes and scooters please contact 07775071226.

Wiley C. Thompson