5 days and cash to repair a puncture by Royal Enfield RSA

It happened near my house, so I was able to take my Interceptor 650 home and park it safely.

BHPian NTO recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I bought 3 years of RSA with the bike as I planned to do a lot of touring on my Interceptor.

I encountered the inevitable, a puncture on the rear wheel of my Interceptor on Saturday February 12th. I was close to home, so I took all the strength in my body to get the bike home and park it safely. Since I had the roadside assistance package, I called the toll-free number.

Surprise, Surprise, my phone number was not linked to RSA and they asked me to read the chassis number. After this, I received a confirmation of the RSA installation available and the RSA team agreed to help me. The complaints registration process was long and arduous and took almost 30 minutes.

The RSA request was made to Rudraa Motors, Anna Nagar, Chennai, the dealership I purchased the bike from. Two gentlemen from Rudraa visited, removed the wheel and took it to a nearby puncture shop to have it fixed. Apparently the nail that went in tore the tube in several places and the tube had to be replaced. These gentlemen returned the wheel without repairing it, took the tube with them and left. They said he would be replaced the next day, February 13.

On the 13th afternoon, I contacted Rudraa Motors to follow up on this and they said that the spare parts department was closed on Sunday, so the replacement would be on Monday, February 14th.

On February 14, I contacted Rudraa Motors again and they said they were looking to find a compatible tube and would have it replaced the same day.

On the 15th, I called them again to get the same answer. I called the Royal Enfield toll free number, 18002100007 to register a complaint about this issue. The gentleman who spoke assured me that this issue would be resolved immediately. However, it is not yet resolved.

Today, the 16th, I called the toll-free number to see the status of the complaint and the action taken. They put me in touch with the head of the local land service, Mr. Surya. He spoke to the dealer, gathered all the information needed and suggested getting it repaired by today if the tube is available or placing an order with Ceat and having it replaced within two days .

Now I bought a flagship model (as of now) from Royal Enfield and their RSA takes over 5 days (not sure how much longer) to fix something as simple as a punctured tube. I wouldn’t have bothered if the part that failed was something more complex and required an out of stock order etc. It’s a simple puncture and that’s how I (a customer) is taken for granted by Royal Enfield.

I could take a wrench myself, buy a new tube and get it fixed. I have traveled extensively on a motorcycle and have sufficient training in basic and emergency vehicle maintenance. Corn:

  • What if I was untrained?
  • What if I was in a similar situation in the middle of nowhere?
  • What if I was in dangerous territory?
  • What if all of the above happened to a woman driving a Royal Enfield?
  • Would Royal Enfield still be so lethargic?

I don’t want to solve this problem on my own and want to wait and see how Royal Enfield responds and also educate the many Royal Enfield enthusiasts here.

Here is what BHPian am1m should say about it:

Although I’m not a fan of RE service, I’ve had several bad experiences with it with my bike since 2007, but IMHO it’s best not to depend on any service brand for something like a flat tire and better do it yourself. I’m not trying to say don’t hold RE responsible, if it’s something covered by the RSA package you paid for, then feel free to talk to them about it. But in practice, for something like a puncture, it’s better to manage it than to keep the bike unused for it. Just an opinion.

Again, while it’s good to have roadside assistance packages, it’s practically better to know how to do simple things like changing a tube, changing cables before trying to ride a bike in remote places alone. (I know you mentioned you already know how to do this, just posting this point in general).

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.

Wiley C. Thompson