4 unique custom built Classic 350 motorcycles featured as part of the Royal Enfield Custom World initiative: Find out more

Royal Enfield featured four different custom builds based on his Classic 350 as part of the Royal Enfield Custom World programme. The program aimed to provide custom builders with the opportunity to showcase their concepts and inspirations in the field of motorcycle customization and customization. Over the past few years, Royal Enfield has worked with a range of leading custom builders around the world and exhibited unique custom builds on their motorcycles.
Royal Enfield has unveiled the four unique customized versions at four locations: Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. Built by some of the most renowned and prominent custom builders in the country including Rajputana Custom Motorcycles, Old Delhi Motorbikes Co., Neev Motorcycles and MS Customs.
1. ‘Gaur’ by Rajputana Custom Motorcycles

‘Gaur’ from Jaipur-based Rajputana Custom Motorcycles reflects the history of Royal Enfield’s ‘Timeless Classic’ motorcycles. Every custom part of this machine is handcrafted and inspired by Royal Enfield motorcycles from different eras. From the old school beam suspension, front and rear drum brakes, leather seat, gear stack and footpegs to the all new fuel tank, rear suspension, tool boxes and the chassis, the bike has been uniquely detailed and blended.
2. “Divine” by Neev Motorcycles

Divine from Neev Motorcycles

“Divine” was designed as a beautiful bobber by Neev Motorcycles, New Delhi. The motorcycle graces a matte black color scheme which is further accentuated by the gold striping and gold leaf work on the tank. It sports a low stance with a custom swingarm, custom tank and fenders, finely detailed hand-stitched leather seat, machined and etched brass embellishments that roll on the thick 5″x16″ balloon tires .
3. ‘Dilli’ by Old Delhi Motorcycles Co.

Dilli by Old Delhi Motorcycle Co.

‘Dilli’ is an ode to Delhi’s ever-changing spirit – a celebration of the old-world and sometimes eccentric vibe the city exudes without losing its ability to embrace it all. The motorcycle speaks of the tough love of the Ustads and the reluctant reverence of the Shagirds. It is a reflection of narrow avenues of struggle blending seamlessly into wide tree-lined avenues of success and the strength of the human hand and its ability to bend, mold and shape anything the mind sees fit. . ODM Co. says the build is a humble expression of gratitude to everyone who inspired the company and the man behind it – Bobbee Singh.
4. Urban Roadster by MS Customs

Urban Roadster by MS Customs

This custom build by Aizawl-based MS Customs has no specific name, but reflects the “Urban Roadster” theme. The beautiful yet functional new Custom Classic 350 comes complete with a 60s inspired headlight dome, custom tank and swingarm, wheels and tires. To give the bike a more custom look, the twin seats were handcrafted.
Royal Enfield Custom World serves as a platform to inspire and foster creativity among riders. With the idea of ​​showcasing motorcycles as a canvas for personal expression and creativity, this platform has brought together notable motorcycle artists and artisans from around the world to express their individuality and uniqueness in the language of design. . Thanks to their simple design, Royal Enfield motorcycles provide the ideal basis for many customizations.

Wiley C. Thompson