2022 New York Auto Show: Staten Island company to take center stage with vehicles worth $8 million

STATEN ISLAND, NY – At 7:30 p.m. Wednesday night, Rob Gullery plans to do a scene. By blocking off a decent stretch of Hylan Boulevard and filling the busy thoroughfare with $8 million worth of cars and trucks that his team has personally detailed and customized, the local business owner and proud founder of Never Ride Stock in Grant City is teaming up with several of Staten’s major car dealerships on the island and staging a massive police-escorted car race that will slowly make its way to the Jacob Javits Center on Manhattan’s West Side.

His ultimate destination? A prestigious exhibition space in front of the legendary New York International Auto Show.

“Never Ride Stock takes up the entire 30,000 square foot space of 1D Hall, Level 1 of the New York Auto Show, and we drive 52 cars across Staten Island to the event space on Wednesday. evening,” Gullery said. during a recent phone interview, bubbling with excitement at the honor and privilege of being a VIP at this event. “We’re the first New York-based company to have this honor in 12 years, and we’re focusing on local businesses to make the event truly special. Our biggest vehicle displays will come from Island Auto Group and Dana Ford Lincoln, who we’ve partnered with to create custom rides that are fresh from the crowd. Hard work gets you on the big stage, and we’re looking to create a Staten Island takeover at the Auto Show this weekend.

Gullery’s exclusive motorcade will be joined by Devarjaye “DJ” Daniel, a 10-year-old boy from Texas who is battling a deadly form of brain cancer. DJ, who is on a mission to be sworn in by law enforcement across the country, became an honorary NYPD officer on Wednesday morning before being invited to join the Never Ride Stock event.

Rob Gullery, owner of Never Ride Stock in Grant City, set up his space at the New York International Auto Show last week. The event, which will take place at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan this weekend, will feature 52 of his custom cars. (Photo courtesy of Never Ride Stock)Photo courtesy of Never Ride Sto

Gullery, who has been in the car customization game for more than two decades, creating dozens of innovative rides at his Tire Empire/Wheel Concepts auto mechanic and service shop, founded the Never Ride Stock brand two years ago. with the intention of building on the specialist car-business his grandfather started 80 years ago.

“My family has owned and operated Wil-John’s since 1942, so we’ve been in the automotive business on Staten Island for 80 years,” Gullery said. “My grandfather founded the company and my father took it over in 1968. I became the owner in 1990 and I was lucky enough to be accompanied over the years by wonderful partners. Christian Zagami, Tony Mendoza, Vincent LoCascio, Joseph Capuano, Vincent Puccio — together we’ve taken this business to new heights.

The SI car store will take center stage at the New York International Auto Show this weekend

The Never Ride Stock team includes, left to right, Tony Mendoza, Vincent LoCascio, Christian Zagami and Joe Capuano. Owner Rob Gullery is kneeling in front. (Photo courtesy of Never Ride Stock)Photo courtesy of Never Ride Sto

A destination for vehicle customization, sneakers, art, apparel and more, Never Ride Stock now spans multiple buildings on either side of Hylan Boulevard, including NRS Tint Shop (formerly WC Tint), NRS Film Solutions and NRS Kicks.

“Never Ride Stock is an idea we’ve been around for over a decade, but we only officially released it about two years ago,” Gullery said. “It was born out of Wheel Concepts, which is car customization, but Never Ride offers more. It’s a complete lifestyle brand that includes accessories, fashion, footwear and more.

And now Gullery’s brand is poised to grab worldwide attention at the Auto Show.

“The New York International Auto Show has always been the planned starting point for our events, but with COVID restrictions, the dream didn’t come to fruition until this year,” Gullery said. “Now we have this opportunity to showcase 52 cars that we’ve customized – we’ve caught their attention, so I guess we’re doing it right. It’s exciting for Staten Island, and I’m proud to bring this small company to rounding to the next level.

The SI car store will take center stage at the New York International Auto Show this weekend

This Dodge Charger Hellcat Enforcer will be part of this weekend’s show. (Photo courtesy of Never Ride Stock)Photo courtesy of Never Ride Sto

Besides Island Auto Group and Dana Ford, Gullery has also partnered with Genesis of Brooklyn, Bay Ridge Honda and Exquisite Auto Spa on Page Avenue for this event. The cars Gullery features range from Ferraris and Lamborghinis to Broncos and Dodge Chargers. There will even be a 1962 Chevy Impala in the mix.

“We’ve put together a good mix of vehicles for this show,” Gullery said. “I am extremely excited about what we are going to present.”

In addition to the car showcase, the three-day event will include scooter racing, live tint and paint protection installations and an e-bike display. Gullery will also launch the new Never Ride Stock clothing line and a quarterly magazine at a rooftop fashion show on Sunday.

“Z100’s Sceery Jones is our emcee, and Nems, a local rapper, will be walking the show,” Gullery concluded, describing her fashion line, which includes hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, hats and flip flops. “This is a major event for us, and we look forward to launching this line and representing Staten Island on this international stage.”

The SI car store will take center stage at the New York International Auto Show this weekend

A Porsche GT3 on HRE wheels, customized by Never Ride Stock. (Photo courtesy of Never Ride Stock)Photo courtesy of Never Ride Sto

Wiley C. Thompson