2021 gift guide: things you can actually buy for mountain biking this year


Two years after the onset of a global supply shortage, no one is surprised that it’s harder than ever to find bikes and parts. The coming holiday season is sure to make this supply crisis even more acute.

But, if you are looking for the perfect gift to surprise that person who loves mountain biking in your life, fear not. You have options. Here are some creative ways to get you through the holiday season with a little more joy.

Bike service / Suspension service

You might not be able to buy a lot of new bikes right now, but you can make the one you own run better (and last longer). It might not sound as exciting as a new rig, but a full tune-up and overhaul can make your bike feel like it’s new again. It will also help high-wear parts like transmissions and suspension last longer. So you don’t have to worry about finding a new tape… at least for a few more months, anyway.

If your bike is already in top form, consider a complete suspension overhaul or even a custom tuning. There are several places in Canada that specialize in improving the feel of your fork and shock from the factory settings. Tailor it to your riding style and location and your suspension will feel better than new. To verify SuspensionWerx north of Van, Fluid function in Squamish, Melius in Whistler or Ion2 at Invermere. There are more hanger stores across Canada, many of which allow you to ship parts to them if there aren’t any in your neighborhood.

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9point8 Stout
9point8 of Ontario produces a line of small parts made in Canada

Small boutique brand pieces

Not everyone is sold at everything. There are many Canadian brand stores that regularly produce beautiful small pieces and clothing, from Vancouver Island To Ontario. Small producers still sell fast, but they also keep restocking their online stores. Even something as small as a fun stem cap can refresh a bike for the New Year.

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Steve Smith Long Life Chainsaw
Long live the chainsaw. Photo: Sven Martin / Anthill Films

Long live the chainsaw – film or parts

Anthill Films’ incredible documentary about the life and untold story of Stevie Smith is on tour in Canada and will be available for purchase in early December. The must-see film tells the full story of the life, career and legacy of the iconic Canadian downhill racer through interviews and archival footage. All proceeds go to the Steve Smith Legacy Foundation.

Crank Brothers also released a special edition tubeless tire cap kit with chainsaw logo, again with all proceeds going to the Foundation. A great way to save your commute and take some of the heritage with you on the trails.

Or make a donation directly to the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation.

Digital subscriptions

Everyone loves the benefits of digital subscriptions, but few like to pay for them themselves. Sign up your person to FloBikes and they can watch races year round, including mountain bike world championships and a ton of road and cyclocross events. Rank them up with a Strava subscription, in addition to fitness with Zwift, or find all trails with Trailforks Pro. Or sign up for online (or in-person) coaching to make their 2022 season the best yet.

Race registrations

The race is back in Canada and 2022 is the year to finally register for that destination race they’ve always dreamed of doing, but keep putting off until “next year”. There are incredible races across Canada, from Quebec Singletrack Experience to BC Bike Race, why wait?

Rollingdale Cycles NAHBS 2019
Rollingdale Cycles produces personalized creations adapted to Alberta riding, summer and winter. Image: Nico Humby

Go to personalization

While some bikes are available, many are out of stock or out of stock. Instead of settling for whatever you can find, why not get exactly what you want? Customization isn’t quick, but if you’ve been waiting months for a bike anyway, take the plunge to make your dream bike look better than ever. There are even a ton of well-respected Canadian builders to choose from.


Wiley C. Thompson