12 Best Cycle Show Bikes

After a few years away due to the pandemic, The Cycle Show has returned for 2022. This time, held at London’s Alexandra Palace (or affectionately known as Ally Pally), the show hosted a number number of famous faces in cycling while showing off some of the freshest kit on the market. There were also a few bikes that caught our eye…

Spectral Canyon: ENABLED

Canyon has been kicking off the builds for the past two weeks, most recently announcing the latest iteration of the Strive. We were excited to see what the brand presented and while there was no sign of the latest enduro ripper, there was Canyon’s heavily updated Spectral:ON.

Making this bike quite different from the previous year’s model is a new motor position with a slightly different battery layout, apparently lowering the center of gravity. It also gets an all-new frame with updated geometry and the ability to up the battery up to a 900Wh unit. For more details, check out our article here.


2022 bmc urs lt 1 al pal.jpg

There’s a huge argument that gravel bikes are even more like old-school mountain bikes, especially with advancements in suspension technology. Although the BMC URS LT 1 is definitely a gravel chopper, it hides its front and rather clever rear squish. At the rear, 10 mm of suspension is provided by an elastomer perfectly integrated into the seat stays, the brand calls this Micro Travel Technology. Then 20mm of coil-sprung travel is stealthily packed into the fork. It’s also adjustable with the twist of a dial that sits on the pivot.

Scott Boss eRIDE

2022 scott boss eride litelock al pal.jpg

Litelok’s stand was a bit of a show stopper, displaying a range of custom painted gravel, road and mountain bikes. The one that stopped us in our tracks was the divisive Scott Patron eRIDE. While we love the Fatcreations craftsmanship that went into this paint job, we’re not sure if its shellsuit/gobstopper vibe is damn good, or should have stayed in the 90s.

Canyon Ride Green Bike

2022 canyon ride green al pal.jpg

I said LiteLok’s booth was a show stopper, but it also contained the world premiere of Canyon’s Ride Green bike. This was done in conjunction with BIKE magazine and the NGO Cradle to Cradle to represent the industry’s ambition to create a sustainable bicycle. The frame is 3D printed using a selective laser fusion method where a laser travels over a basin and welds powder with super precision into hard metal. The frame was designed with recyclability in mind while reducing the amount of raw material used.

1999 GT LOBO 1000

2022 gt lobo 1000 ally pally.jpg

From the space age to the 90s. This year marks the 50th anniversary of GT Bicycle and on this stand the brand celebrated its heritage with a range of historic bicycles. My favorite was the 1999 LOBO 1000 simply because it’s a downhill bike. Compared to what the pros throw in the hills these days, the geometry on this one feels more like cross-country. Geometry aside, discover this connection and this raw color.

Propaine Spindrift CF

2022 propaine ally pally.jpg

The German brand Propain is looking to make a fairly significant place for itself in the United Kingdom. However, this brand does things a little differently. It offers bikes in customizable versions at different price points. For example, a Spindrift in its Start version (as pictured) will set you back just north of $3,800. Then you can choose the color, decal color and head badge type, along with a range of dropper post choices. If that’s not enough, you can opt for a completely custom kit and choose exactly to your own specifications.

Substance Vitus CRX-1 HT

2022 VITUS SUBSTANCE CRX-1 HT ally pally.jpg

Supsenion-equipped gravel bikes were plenty at the Cycle Show and included in the series of squishy gravel rigs is the Substance CRX-1 HT from Vitus. This gets RockShox’s Rudy XPLR fork offering up to 30mm of travel. It’s mated to a UD carbon frame and all priced at £2,500 with a dropper post.

Atherton AM.150.2

2022 atherton ally pally.jpg

Atherton bikes are named after the powerful and fast Atherton family. Like Propain, this brand does things differently, building its frames by gluing carbon tubes into 3D-printed titanium lugs. This method of frame building means Atherton Bikes can build you a completely custom frame, shaped to your exact specifications. However, when they spoke to the people behind the brand, they told us that people rarely choose to go custom-made as they find one of their huge 22 sizes tends to fit their customers rather well.

Niner WFO 9 RDO

2022 niner wfo 9 rdo al pal.jpg

Last year, Niner’s WFO came back strong, 10 years after its original release. As a brand committed to 29er wheels, that’s exactly what this bike gets, along with 170mm of squish on an interesting curved frame. After chatting with brand owner Chris, it was refreshing to hear his take on the 29er as a smaller human, indicating that the bigger wheel isn’t just for tall people. .

Corsair 141 (Öhlins)

2022 corsair 141 ohlins.jpg

This is another recent release that we managed to spot in the flesh at Ally Pally. Launched a few weeks ago, the Privateer 141 got a facelift to Öhlins taste after some firm nudges from the brand’s office in Colorado. We love the color-matched decals and saw some neat refinements such as the chainstay protector reducing chain slap.

Radical All Mountain Chilli Dog

2022 radical mountain chili dog .jpg

Also found on the HUNT stand, the Chilli Dog is draped in a paint job almost as drastic as the bike’s name. Featuring a full steel frame and proper aggro geometry with a 495mm reach on a “long” frame, 63.5° head angle and 77.5° seat tube.

RG Evans & Co.

2022 rg evans and co ally pally.jpg

Finally, nestled in Schwalbe’s fully recyclable cardboard rack was this gravel bike made in a small batch by RG Evans & Co. It’s single-speed, steel-framed and we’re big fans of its classic yet refined look. .

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