10 products I loved in 2021: Alicia Leggett

As 2021 draws to a close, it’s time once again to look back on the products that have stood out from the rest. Unlike the Pinkbike Awards, which are regularly released and are decided by a panel of editors, they’re individual – so I can include all the cool knick-knacks, paraglider wings, and melodramatic songs that have personally worn me this year. Oh, and the bikes. Definitely bikes. The concept was borrowed from our colleagues at CyclingTips – you can read their lists here.

Wolf Tooth Components Kit 8-Bit A multi-tool set

It’s a surprise, even to me, that one of my favorite pieces of equipment this year is a 22-function all-in-one full-featured multi-tool. Are you someone who likes to be prepared for any situation that comes your way? Do you carry enough water or even more water on the majority of your rides? Do you tend to plan ahead? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you and I are not the same.

I’ve never taken much more than the bare minimum on a commute, unless I’m walking around there, so I wouldn’t consider myself the target market for fancy multitools. Still, when I started playing around with Wolf Tooth’s new multi-tool system, I fell in love a little. It’s just plain cool. It’s bigger than any trail tool I’ve used in the past, but it has a pretty big impact. It’s built around the 8-bit Wolf Tooth pliers, and the two new parts – a tire changer / rim remover and a chain breaker / utility knife / tire plug kit – snap together with the pliers thanks to the smart machining and well-placed magnets.

I love the neat nesting solution and the number of ways Wolf Tooth has found to incorporate tools into such a variety of tools while still keeping the product tidy, relatively small, and user-friendly. Additionally, it is machined at Wolf Tooth’s headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

Price: Price: $ 139.95 for the kit, parts also available separately
More information: Wolf tooth components

PNW Components Rover Belt Bag

Speaking of smart designs, I have good things to say about the new Rover Hip Pack from PNW Components. The organization of the Rover Hip Pack is so satisfying. With a large main compartment, an exterior pocket and two small pockets on the shoulder straps, there is storage space for large and small items without the risk of losing anything, as well as a removable bottle holder. water (or burrito). There are also internal mesh pockets, a key fob in one of the hip strap pockets, and a padded mesh back that provides ridiculous support and comfort. When the bag is properly adjusted – which it always is, thanks to its two “wing” adjustment straps on the sides to fine-tune the fit in addition to the main hip strap – it stays secure, not wanting to bounce or slide during the ride. In short, it’s just very well done.

The Rover Hip Pack is also water resistant and has a lifetime warranty. The color I have is called Stardust, and it’s also available in a color PNW calls Dark Matter, also known as black. At US $ 69, the Rover Hip Pack is also the cheapest equipment on my list.

Price: $ 69
More information: PNW components

Propain Hugene

I’ve spent a lot of time on the Propain Hugene lately, and I have to say once again I love this bike. Of all the trail bikes we tested in the Fall Field Test, the Hugene is for me the best example of what a trail bike is supposed to do. It climbs well. It goes down well. It’s just plain fun to drive. The energetic feel of the bike works great for me and keeps me coming back for more.

I have all kinds of great things to say about the Hugene – just check out the review here. Overall, the bottom line is that Propain was successful with this one.

Price: $ 4,199 – US $ 6,737
More information: Propain Bikes

Rapha Kit

Staying on the field test theme for a minute, I was quite impressed with the Rapha gear we were wearing. Now, it’s important to note that Rapha sponsored the field test, so I didn’t pay my own hard cash for these clothes, but I would put Rapha at the top of my list for clothes to spend money on. money. The pants, jerseys and jackets are light, comfortable and (at least in my opinion) beautiful.

Did I feel a bit like a tool going to the Pemberton cafe every morning with Levy and Henry wearing all of our matching Rapha hoodies? Yes, a little, but comfort matters a lot, and I couldn’t force myself to take this stuff off.

Price: $ 90 – $ 180 USD
More information: Rapha

Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 Trousers

Love me a good pair of Euro pants. These things are lightweight, have plentiful pocket space, and, yes, are colorful. Additionally, they’ve earned a spot on this list in part for their durability. I took them on a several hour bushwhack that destroyed my bare arms and face, but those pants and therefore my legs came out unharmed.

For what it’s worth, the jersey and gloves are great too, but the pants especially stand out.

The Norrøna Fjørå Flex1 pants have done me good this year. Like some of my more pedal-friendly pants, they have side zip slits on the outside of the thighs and an adjustable waistband to keep the pants comfortable and in place. They also have knee and seat reinforcements. I find they are a bit big so size down if you are considering a pair and are on the fence about sizing.

Price: $ 199 USD
More information: Norrona

Paraglider Level Flame 13 Light Speedwing & Ozone Swift 5

Note the Euro pants above – they’re good for more than just cycling. The Level Flame 13 Light has been a big part of my life this year, so it definitely earned its place on this list. As the name suggests, it’s 13 square meters, is lightweight, and it’s a good time. It has nimble handling but better glide than most speedwings which means it can be piloted over a variety of terrains. This year it took me to some cool mountain launches and saw me launch my first barrels, always with a smile on my face. Here’s a fun launch video. In short, riding it pretty much every day the weather permitted made my year so much better.

I can’t write about the flight without also mentioning the full size paraglider that I have flown this year too, an Ozone Swift 5. I don’t have many (none) good photos in action, but trust me. it’s downright beautiful. He’s also had some cool adventures with me, including a trip to Utah (here’s a neat flight visualization), now Christmas in Mexico, and a little Field Test appearance in Pemberton. Plus a few games over a lake. Yeah.

Price: Uh i don’t wanna talk about it
More information: Level the wings and ozone

Insight timer

2021 has been tough on my brain, so I’m going to recommend my trusty meditation app, Insight Timer. The basic version of the app is free and includes access to 120,000 meditation recordings, ranging from short meditations suitable for beginners to much more esoteric soundtracks. I messed around on some of the other meditation apps – Calm and Headspace – but at least for myself I used everything I could on those for free pretty quickly, and didn’t want to pay for an actual subscription. Insight Timer gives you more for your (lack of) money.

Lots of categories. I particularly like the sleep section.

I’m not going to say that Insight Timer is a panacea, because then I would be lying to myself and all of you, but it does offer some tools to help deal with the fact that we have to exist and be people in general. . Either way, it’s worth downloading if you’re intrigued by meditation.

The app also has a simple timer function for purists – you can choose a duration, any sounds you want, and off you go.

That said, Insight Timer has been making a few updates lately and seems to be trying to develop into something almost like a social media platform, so we’ll have to wait and see if my love for the app and this recommendation. stand the test of time.

Price: A few clicks on your smartphone! The basic version is free. The premium version costs $ 9.99 per month and gives you access to more stuff. I don’t really know what. The free version is pretty good.
More information: Wherever you find applications

Beautiful sounds

I will join Mike Kazimer and Henry Quinney in recommending my favorite music this year. This year Tash Sultana was my # 1 artist performed on Spotify, so I’m going to have to recommend her, because apparently I spent 1,804 minutes listening to her on Spotify from January to November.

Here’s one that I can’t stop playing lately:

And another, in case you’re in the mood for a melodramatic, gritty, dysfunctional love song. Back to our Sadboi Sessions â„¢ in Pemberton.

Trans Cascadie

The Trans Cascadia has been the most fun I’ve had in a while. Four days of racing, lots of outings with great people, camping in the woods in the heart of the incredible Cascades, big bonfires, lots of shenanigans and much more. Like everything else in this article, I have a few kind words to say about the Trans Cascadia: see here and here.

Events like the Trans Cascadia make me grateful for our mountain biking communities. It’s pretty special when riders can get together to do some trail work, have fun biking, or just throw a big party. Mountain bikers as a whole are pretty lucky people. Merry Christmas, children. I love you all.

Wiley C. Thompson